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Plate 3 April 8 2015

Dear Soccer Community Member, there is a need for us to clarify that the MSA needs to GAUGE the interest of the community on a soccer specialty license plate before proceeding with the program.  We have not yet formalize an application and the application is conditional on demonstrating that there is interest and support for this initiative.

As such, if you would be willing to purchase a license plate, once the process is completed, please complete the form and submit it.  It is critical that we gauge the interest before proceeding to ensure that it would be a successful initiative.

Thank you for your interest.

MSA Plate Pre-Sale Campaign 2015 Form

An Overview of the Women's World Cup .... by Meaghan Lindsay

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The Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is proud to announce a new multi-year
partnership with Boston Pizza! . . . more

  2015 MSA Annual General Meeting information released by MSA…click here for more….

  2015-2016 Invited Players for NDC-REX from U11 Talent ID Camp 

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Not many people would say that 70,000 people wanting to kill them would be a highlight of their professional careers.

But not many people were world-class soccer referees like Winnipeg’s Héctor Vergara . . . more

  FWWC Canada 2015 Video 


Canada Soccer Pathway 


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          Canada Soccer unveils new unified technical development vision:

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