Registration – 2015-2016 Senior Indoor

 OPENS OCTOBER 5, 2015 (WWSL), OCTOBER 14, 2015 (MMSL)

*The following information and registration links are for the Senior Indoor Season only.

 Online Registration - Error Message re Username and/or Password, Duplication

If your club members are receiving an error message regarding the use of their username or password, please have them send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away for assistance. This error message is being sent because the database includes email information entered by a member or a league in a past season and the email address is used as the username in the system. If the username entered doesn’t match the email in the system, it will reject their attempt to log in. Once the MSA office has received the email from the member experiencing the problem, we will send the Club Rep an email to confirm the member and then send the member the correct username and/or password to enter the system. Included in the email from the MSA will be instructions how to edit their profile to update their email address as their new username for next time they log in.

If they experience other problems such as a duplication error, they will have to request assistance by clicking support on the login page or by sending an email to sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please only send this request once.


All players, coaches, managers and club officials who will be registering with a senior club for the 2015-2016 indoor season MUST pay their registration fees through the online registration system. Payment may be made using VISA, Mastercard or Interac Online*. Payments must be made online and will not be accepted in the MSA office.

This includes the $51 for the initial registration (if not paid during the 2015 outdoor season), $10 if playing on a 2nd club,, $10 if playing on a 3rd club, the $25 transfer fee and the $20 team official fees.

 *Who are Interac Online participating financial institutions?

 2015-2016 Senior Indoor Online Registration Instructions                                     


  1. Please read the following instructions before you proceed:

    PDF Online Registration Instructions

  2. Once you have read the instructions, click on the corresponding league to begin the online process:

Manitoba Major Soccer League (Men) 

Winnipeg Women's Soccer League (includes women & coed divisions)

Information for Club Coach or Manager only

  1. Club Coach or Manager Verification of Club Members and submission of roster for approval to the MSA

 Please Read the following instruction first:  PDF Coach/Manager Login Instructions

Click to Login: Coach/Manager Login

Senior Outdoor Registration Documents

PDF 2015-2016 Senior Indoor Registration Package

PDF MSA Annual Registration Application

PDF Senior Player Release Form

PDF Respect In Sport

If you require additional information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015/2016 Fees Schedule

Click here for the 2015/2016 fee schedule

Registration fee:

Senior Player Registration Fee - $51

Senior Player Transfer Fee - $25
Coach/Manager/Trainer Fee - $20
Renewal of lost I.D. Card $25

 Youth to Senior Transfers    

PDF Youth to Senior Transfer

 Youth Residency Rule - Out of Region Transfer

The Manitoba Soccer Association Out of Region Transfer Policy allows for players to transfer from one of the 7 regions in Manitoba to another, for the purpose of participating in soccer where their home region does not offer the opportunity.

For example, many players transfer from the rural regions to the Winnipeg region for the purpose of competing at a higher level of competition, such as Premier and Premier Developmental.

In order to register with an organization outside of your region, you must complete the 'Youth Out of Region Transfer Request" below. Please note, the MSA is only responsible for approval of the transfers and the decision to which Club the player is registered with is up to the local league association.

Deadline to submit applications to play in the indoor season: July 15 of the current year

Deadline to submit applications to play in the outdoor season: February 15 of the current year

PDF Youth Out of Region Transfer Request

PDF Youth Player Registration - Regions

 PDF Youth Registration Age Categories

International Transfer Certificates (ITC)

 Indoor Complexes (MSA Members) 

Gateway Community Centre (982-1234)

Garden City/Seven Oaks (338-3949)

Subway Soccer South Indoor Soccer Complex (953-4731)

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