The Canadian Soccer Association have now finalised a standardised set of definitions for the types of practices that all coaches within the game - no matter what level - will use and can refer to. The advantage of having clearly defined labels for the types of drill/session/practise you may use with the players or teams you work with, is that for coach education and coach licensing there are common terms that clarify each type of practise and offer strict guidelines to determine how each one is labelled. This will now lead to uniformity in definitions and implementation of actual practices from coast to coast and help us better develop our players by working within the structured practices as defined in the document below.

PDF practice session definitions

Technical Programs Package

The purpose of the Technical Manual is to provide you with a complete package that contains the following information:

  • Community Coach Certification Program
  • Where do you fit in... Certification prior to Community Coach program
  • Community Coach Certification Path
  • Structure of Community Coach Children's and Youth Levels
  • Structure of Community Coach Senior Level
  • Pre-B License Evaluation Course - Hosting / Coaching Requirements
  • Provincial B-License Course (part 1)
  • Provincial B-License continued
  • Player Development Clinics, Summer Camps, School of Excellence
  • Structure of Player Development Clinics and Summer Camps
  • Introductory Referee Development Clinics
  • Senior Class 3 beginner clinic


PDF Technical Programs Package

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